“Equilibrium” Lacon House – Acrylicize


Equilibrium Lacon House - Acrylicize

Lacon House - Acrylicize - Rousseau - main shot

Continuing our fantastic on going relationship with the hugely talented Art and Design Studio; Acrylicize we are very proud that “Equilibrium” was nominated for best low budget Art Installation at the 2016 Darc Awards.

Working closely with the team at Acrylicize our creative director Ben Rousseau utilised his lighting and manufacturing expertise to develop their initial concept into a beautiful and unique installation that was deliverable within budget and time frame whilst keeping all elements of the proposed concept in tact.

The results are testament to a great team working together. Special thanks go out to the team at MDM for their hard work and effort during the creation and installation of this project.


Equilibrium is an intricate and highly detailed bespoke lighting installation, designed to draw in the warmth of the sunlight outside and reflective of the sun and the moon’s intrinsic relationship. The light work acts as an ethereal timepiece, five minute cycles of communication with dramatic simulations building towards the hour, they finish with hourly crescendos of moving lights.


The two pieces are part of the same concept, looking at the duality of the Sun and the Moon and their relationship. The whimsical nature of the piece lends itself to the concept describing how these celestial orbs have travelled down through the Atrium and become trapped within the front bay windows at Lacon London. The negative form that creates the Sun and it’s reflecting positive shape creating the Moon describe a symmetry in the installation, the density of the Moon orb creating a harmonious equilibrium once it fills the empty void of the main Sun piece.


The lighting programme acts as a time piece, the stars, sun and moon all in a conversation reacting to each other in 5 minute cycles with more dramatic simulations building towards every hour, finishing in an hourly crescendo of lights and movement. The slow pulsing nature of the lights creates a subtle and calming feeling which fills the building and a celestial welcome on entering the space.





Onlookers are rewarded with a restored sense of energy and wellbeing as they witness the subtle ebb and flow of thousands of delicate illuminated orbs. This elegant fluidity brings movement and life into the space and as day turns to night, the piece takes on an ethereal presence as the lights are gently dimmed to reflect the calming of the hectic city day.


The delicacy of the hanging installation creates an intimate experience, with brass and glass balls floating within the space to create a elegant prism, the piece reflects it’s surroundings and any human interaction with the artwork.


The hanging pieces have a jewel like quality sparkling and twinkling by day and radiating warmth and light by night. This warmth of material and delicacy is mirrored by its surroundings, picking up on the colour palette and hues to allow the artwork to nestle perfectly into the heart of the building. On further investigation the form of the Sun will appear and disappear when viewed at differing angles, showcasing the micro and macro success of the piece and rewarding repeat viewings. On moving around the piece the viewer will become consumed by the forest of lights and for those few moments of each day creating a sense of serenity.




St Dunstan’s Hill Office Feature Installations – Monument


St Dunstan's Hill Office

Currently still a work in progress we are proud to share the first tester images of the newly completed reception area feature installations we created for Peldon Rose on behalf of Office Space in Town.

We were commissioned to develop and engineer a number of nautical themed lighting artworks and interior feature installations guided by lead designers Sam Kopsch Studio, where we developed, engineered and manufactured the studios’ concept designs into full scale production art pieces to be located in a number of the building’s main functional areas.
The reception area now comprises of two 3m tall live edge acrylic boat skeleton forms framed with daylight white ( 3000 K ) LED halo lighting effects.



Suspended above the huge Corian boat reception counter we produced 5 RPG cast propellors 800mm in diameter, positioned in a staggered formation.

St Dunstans Propellors




Flanking the reception counter are two smaller meeting bays created with floor to ceiling rope walls over an illuminated Barisol ceiling light well.

St Dunstans Desk

St Dunstans Desk and boat






“The Minds Eye” – Chelsea Flower Show


"The Minds Eye" - Chelsea Flower Show

RHS Chelsea Flower Show - London

Photo by: Matt Crossick

We were commissioned by LDC Garden Designs to create an infinity well as a focal piece for this RNIB show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show which was sponsored by Countryside Properties.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 09.55.27

RNIB Chelsea Flower Show Fresh Garden

Photo by: Susannah Ireland / RNIB

IMG_0260 copy

The Mind’s Eye Garden, designed by award-winning landscape designers LDC, will feature in the show’s Fresh Garden category, which champions innovation and creativity, challenging designers to think outside the traditional perceptions of a Chelsea garden.

IMG_0268 copy

Water is used as a wayfinder with a series of deep, dark rills running through the four climatic planting zones of the garden. At the centre is a glass cube partially covered in moving water designed to refract light and offer a stimulating visual experience.

IMG_0267 copy

The aim of the garden is to stimulate the ‘mind’s eye’ by encouraging visitors to engage in an intimate experience of touch, sound, taste and aroma. Throughout the space we will use contrasting materials and textures which will challenge visitors to use their imagination and memory.

IMG_0281 copy

The garden was inspired by a joint scheme between Countryside and RNIB to redevelop the existing RNIB Community Living Service facilities at Redhill, Surrey.   Currently in planning, this innovative scheme will produce a model for integrated supported living, which will be unique in the UK and will provide an environment to benefit the whole community. Properties for RNIB residents will be built amongst houses available for private sale, to ensure an integrated and vibrant community and there will be a wide range of community facilities. As a key element of the overall masterplan, a sensory trail will wind its way through the development to form part of the RNIB educational programme. This will feature many of the key sensory design elements within The Mind’s Eye garden.

IMG_0283 copy

The garden is loosely divided into four zones – open woodland, damp/wet shady woodland, temperate prairie border and Mediterranean/arid border. Naturalistic planting covers horizontal and vertical plant beds to contrast and soften the hard landscaping.

IMG_0258 copy

It needed to be bright enough to have effect in the fantastic may sunshine so has 144 5 watt LED’s inside.

The concept is to stimulate the senses and make the user feel like they are about to fall into the abyss.

With a layer of 33mm thick laminated glass the over all unit is only 136mm deep but has the illusion of depth disappearing off into infinity.


We are very proud to announce that it won a gold medal in today’s judging.

Oakley – Eyeware Store – Bath


Oakley - Eyeware Store - Bath

Illuminated storage compartments with floating jewel storage units. Engineered pistons and details with bespoke ‘o’ seating and mirrored storage units.

Volkswagen – Reception Chandelier – Acrylicize


Volkswagen - Reception Chandelier - Acrylicize

As part of our continued work with award winning arts consultancy Acrylicize we were commissioned to develop a provided concept design for a centre piece reception chandelier that celebrated every brand under the Volkswagen umbrella for their new financial services building in Milton Keynes.

Volkswagon chandelier wide low

Made from etched acrylic each cog was individually branded with a different marque’s logo font

Volkswagon chandelier under shot

Volkswagon chandelier full drop